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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Test of Running in Racing Flats ONLY

Friday, September 18th, 2009

These first few days will not correspond exactly to the date it was posted. I have done almost a week of running on this "new method" before I decided to write a blog about my progress. So I have some days backed up. It's funny I call it the "new method" when it is actually the way we have been running for thousands of years. It should be called "old method" but if you read the first blog about this "Barefoot Running vs. Running Shoe" you know why I refer to it as the "new method" What I am doing different on these runs from previous runs is two things: 1. concentrating my foot-strike on the front half of my feet 2. using a very minimal racing flat for all runs instead of just race day or speed work.

Ran for 50 minutes then ended with 8x100m sprints. Later on did easy 4 miler with wife and some tennis to end the day.

Felt really good, did almost the exact same run 2 days ago and seemed to have more energy today. My legs seemed to want to turn over faster with the "new method." Some of it might have been psychological, we'll see.