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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review of YakTrax Winter Footwear

My wife and I recently tried the footwear product YakTrax; we each used the Pro model. For those of you not familiar with YakTrax, they are a product that helps with traction in freezing conditions. They are meant to be worn over running shoes, boots and pretty much any kind of footwear you would have on in the winter. Instead of using spikes to grip into the snow and ice they use a coil system.

Well the first day we tried them was on Christmas morning in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The weather was definitely going to be putting our YakTrax to the test. We were going out for a morning run of 6 miles with my cousin and her running buddy. There was snow all around, but that wasn’t the main problem, everything was just covered in ice. It looked as though you could put on a pair of ice skates and go freely around town. My wife and I had YakTrax, cousin and friend did not. It was amazing the amount of traction that these things provided us that day. All the icy areas where my cousin and friend were afraid to run over, my wife and I just went right through without a worry. When the icy ground turned to snow they were equally impressive. Lately I have been running exclusively in racing flats to build foot and ankle strength, so I was worried that my light shoes would FEEL the YakTrax too much and be unpleasant. This was not the case at all. They are light and comfortable, even in racing flats. My wife was equally impressed with her pair, so much so that we decided to pick up a few pairs for our runner fathers.

Now that I have used my YakTrax for over a month, I can honestly say that they are a very commendable product I highly recommend.